Hi there!

I’m Walter Wood and I’m a Finance major in my Junior year here at TU. I’m interested in using the degree I get here to get into the field of Entrepreneurship, that is, leveraging and developing technologies to solve everyday problems.

The first blog that applies to my major I’d like to share is http://realmoney.thestreet.com/ . It’s been around for a while, and after many revisions has lost it’s bloggy look to some extent, but it started out very simply. Though it has many contributors now, the most high profile would be stock market analyst Jim Cramer, who is most famous for pumping the usually dull business of investment banking full of heart-attack inducing theatrics (Seriously, he’s a lot calmer these days because he gave himself a heart attack over this stuff)

http://www.launch.is/ is another cool blog to look at. It’s a blog that does posts about Technology startups created by small groups of entrepreneurs. Practically speaking, it keeps you up to date with cool new websites and services, and useful iPhone apps, so its another one that’s worth a visit even if it’s not your regular thing.

Thanks for reading!


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