Management Information Systems

Hello my name is Ben Munos and I am majoring in Management Information Systems at the University of Tulsa. When i’m not busy with school i am usually working as an Intern for Level 3 communications. In my free time I enjoy the normal college activities such as hanging out with my friends and going out to new restaurants in downtown Tulsa.

In the MIS field it is crucial to stay up to date with the quickly evolving technology trends. In order to do this I prefer to use the blog on CNET called “Cutting Edge,” written by a collection of CNET employees. The blog is centered around new, unique, and sometimes just plain weird technology trends that are staring to hit our society. ¬†Also looking towards the business aspect of Management Informations Systems I try to stay current on economic trends and conditions. A good way to stay ahead of the Curve on Economic trends is to read a blog called Calculated Risk. It posts the most current economic data as well as predicts economic trends.

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