Rhechel Wilborn

My name is Rhechel Wilborn. My name is pronounced like ‘Rachel’ for everyone that doesn’t know me. I am currently majoring in Mathematics, and minoring in Music. I really like theory math, and am still working on actually applying it. Therefore, I am debating as to whether I should major in standard or applied mathematics. However, I also play the violin and am interested in music, which accounts for my minor. I am a freshman, so I’ll still have some time to decide exactly what I want to do.


This blog (Math-Blog) provides various topics under the category of mathematics, ranging from historical math purposes to entertainment associated with math. This is good for both academic and recreational reasons. The setup also provides people to look at a series of topics and choose those that may seem most interesting to them. As a person interested in math, this could be useful for considering various uses for the field.


This second blog site is called Math Under the Microscope, and is good for college students majoring in mathematics. It gives a range of uses for mathematics in the modern world, which is beneficial especially for students like me that don’t yet know exactly what area of the field we should go into. It also provides a math student some interesting topics in this area.

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