Who I am and my developing career!

Hello, my name is Stephanie Smith.

I am a student at the University of Tulsa my major is Applied Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. I am just starting my minor and this is going to be a challenge for me because I do not know much about computers. I’m hoping to change that though, which is the reason why I decided to take the Digital Humanities course for this first semester.

I enjoy reading in my free time. If i had kept every book I have ever read throughout the years, I have no doubt I could create a library in my home. If I’m not reading, I am on the internet trying to find new music for my ears. I love music from classical, rap, to techno. If the song has a good rhythm I’m probably going to like it.



I attached the first link because it has an amazing amount of topics to blog and read about in computer science. Then, I attached the second link because it talks about combing math and computer science and how they are interrelated.


This video is cool. It’s only one minute long and no matter how many times you do it and despite of the different numbers you chose he gets it right!! Check it out!!


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