Hello, my name is Natalie White. I’m 21 years old and have lived in Tulsa all my life. I’m the baby in my family. My  brother is ten years older, but the age difference doesn’t seem to have an effect on the need he has to pick on me. My sister is about 20 years older and to me its seems like we are from two different worlds.

I went to Jenks high school all my life and for the first two years of college I went to Tulsa Community College, where I got my basics out-of-the-way and got my associates. I work full-time at Fridays and go to TU full-time as well. Besides work and school I like to hang out with my friends.I guess I’m the normal confused college student. My major is business and I’m trying to decide between economics and finance, I sadly have to decide by next semester. Over all I’m someone who likes to be challenged and will always try to find the good in everything.

~ This is a site that has many different types of blogs that have to do with business economics. I find it useful because the subject matter that these blogs go over  might be confusing for example one of the blog goes over a bill, which the bill its self could be very complex and have many different clams and parts, but the blog breaks the resolution into easily understandable parts. Also, it informs you of the possible pro and cons of this resolution that you might not have thought of, so you can really grasp the whole picture on many levels.

~This site is over the U.S economy. I find this site useful to my field because it has blogs over economic principles, such as macroeconomics. Thus, topics like this help me to better understand my field and what I might be trying to accomplish.



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