What possibilities do you see in Twitter for your own major, or your own interests, and why? If you don’t see any, why not?

Twitter is used by people as a social media to express one’s thoughts and emotions throughout their day. Unlike other social media sights like facebook, when you post something on Twitter you are limited to a short number of characters. I’m completely new to Twitter, before this post I had just created my account. From what I understand so far, with twitter you can add interests that pertain to you and follow them. Say you like a certain author you could add her to your tweet and it would inform you about he/she’s latest books.

The only possibilities I see in my major is collaboration between my employees over a new program to develop or using it to inform the public about new software and what days they come out on the market.

As far as my own interests, it would be a useful social media site to keep in touch with people that are in different states as me. My mother lives two hours away from me and we don get to see each other much. Twitter would be a good way for me and her to stay personal and to help her know more and more about the simple small things in my life like what I ate for breakfast that morning or who I went out on a date with Friday night?


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