Whats in a twitter?

Well, in twitter there are both goods a bads. Believe it is useless and facebook would suffice just fine. It basically is the same thing just a  little less work and is easier to find things. Following people seems just a slight bit creepy in some ways. It also seems like just something to do when somebody is bored. Twitter is on going but it just seems like another cite like every other universal communication activity. Furthermore, from the video we had to watch it may get people closer together but if people wanted to be super close then they could also text them at times or call.

On the other hand i read a few tweets and started to think about the possibilities. Instead of texting its like universal texting. It could help with my major or other interests because it can follow so much like a job that just became open or a gallery, a showing and many others. It could help greatly with how fast it actually works. Twitter could be used in just a  professional aspect. So as i said its both good and bad. To me there is not definite yes or no.




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