About Me :)


My name is Alyssa Webb. I am originally from Oahu, Hawaii but moved to Lebanon Illinois a couple years ago. I am a freshman at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma. So i am a graphic design major but i minor in art history and environmental science. My interests vary from a lot of things. I am most my main interest is other peoples art work, how the world is the way it is, music, psychology, languages, dancing, cultures and religions, and many other items.

I found two blogs that seem pretty interesting with my interests:



I chose these well because they were my first interests and i really do not know much about blogging. Although, they could be useful because they could give other people an idea for art or a new idea for just about anything. Its a way to get inspired and think of new ways to make things. The environmental blog would help because it gives a new outlook on life that follows with real human findings and sometimes a deeper understanding on what is actually going on in the world. If people would like to know about how the Earth is going.


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