Post 2- Twitter in Energy Managent

Despite my reservations about twitter and the many useless post that are inevitably going on, I find the site to be very effective to communicate many aspects of the social environment. Social, business, and every day leisure activities tend to find a home in this sterilized environment where short messages are required and long drown out posted are not only frowned upon, but prohibited.

Becoming proficient at twitter and continuing to expand my use of the site would surely be useful in a field of study that prides itself on personal relations and networking. The dynamics of Twitter are uncommon in the sense you are allowed to follow individuals whether you have been invited or not, or even if you know them. This ability allows unparalleled abilities to access resources from highly experienced individuals in any field of study. Some aspects of Energy Management are done in the field with limited communication. This technology can be effective with mass media distribution or individual issues.


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