The Shocking Use of Twitter…

In todays business environment Twitter can be both dangerous and productive. In business, companies are always looking for new ways to contact current or future customers. Twitter allows unparalleled and unfiltered access to the most important part of any business; the customer. I can imagine most marketing or sales oriented professionals are licking their lips at the potential power twitter brings their professions, but I want to stop and take a second to look at the downside of twitter. If you stay current with tech news you are starting to see some downside to tweeting every single thought or promotion that comes to light. Athletes, movie stars, and even everyday business professionals have been posting tweets that have caused them to loose their jobs or worse their reputation. Everyone can relate to having a terrible day and ranting to your girlfriend, wife, friend, or dog. But what happens when you blow off some anger to people who “listen” on the internet? When one bad day becomes published for everyone to see, it can never be taken away. One click and your boss will always know what you think of his ugly hair piece. Although twitter has unlimited potential anyone with anything to loose should always think twice before hitting TWEET!



More to come




(sorry its late)

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