Tweet Tweet

I don’t like twitter; yet, I can stand Facebook. Why is that? Probably because twitter seems to have ADHD compared to other sites. It appears that all the users like to post every 5 seconds and tell the world about a chipped pinky toe nail or the grass growing or some other useless piece of information. I would live a better life without wasting time on reading it.

I wish that when I follow people I could select a button that says “only tell me about interesting stuff.” Unfortunately, even the most scholarly scholars spend half their time tweeting about random, uninformative things. This is why I don’t think Twitter could ever help me in my major. What could any accredited speech pathologist say in less than 140 characters about something that could help me in my field? Anything that is going to help me will take more than that, and even if it magically did, it wouldn’t be worth weeding through the millions of other tweets to find. I’d rather just read their blog or a book.




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