As a Petroleum Engineer I see Twitter as a possible means towards better communication through out the entire oil industry. Twitter could be a tool for rig men to communicate with families and land men. Simple citizens could use it to follow BP, or Chevron, or Shell, to stay up to date on local gas prices or even near by oil rigs. The Petroleum industry could go far with twitter, but first twitter would have to change. No more free for all, share any type of information, there would have to be regulations and limits set down so that such companies are, not only intrigued but want to use twitter in their industries.

For my personal use, twitter is great. I created one a few months back for the sole reason of following music artists that I liked, and trying to find out where they were playing so I could road trip to see them. But, since 2 of my sisters have twitter and one of them has a food blog, twitter became a lot more for me. Now I use it to stay up to date with my bank, with my sisters, favorite teams, musicians, school athletics and so much more. Twitter is a great way to stay in touch and to communicate to the rest of your followers, I recommend joining twitter and starting to following some of your own interests.


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