The possibilities I see in twitter are ever growing and evolving. Twitter being a form of social connection makes it easier to stay in touch with people from all over the world. What makes it slightly different from other networks is that its post are more short and to the point. I find it useful in the sense that I know more about my friends and might come to learn that we have more things in common. Another benefit of twitter is that it’s not just your friends you can follow, but maybe your heroes’ or the news media, which means you’ll always be up to date. The good thing about following one of the news twitters is that you can pick very specific parts of the news that you want to follow that applies more to yourself. So it’s another way to be informed with what’s going on around you, which will always be of great use.

I see twitter being good for my major, business because I’ll always well need to be kept up to date. I might learn what people think about a new product or how they feel about my competitions products. This could lead to me changing or improving things. It’s kind of like another tool to gain an advantage.   ~Natalie


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