In my opinion I am not a big fan of Twitter. It’s pretty much just a status which you can do and way more on Facebook. I do NOT care what you are eating, where you are, or what you are doing EVERY 5 SECONDS. Yes, Twitter could be used for other purposes like advertising, politics, or things and thoughts that actually matter. I do have a Twitter which I created recently out of 4am boredom. I already hated it in less than 5 minutes. But, I do use Twitter to advertise a hookah bar (The Buzz Hookah) which I am manager of. It gives our customers an instant notification of what is going on and if there are any events or specials going on. I do not really mess with the actual Twitter site; I have it hooked up with the business Facebook page. I find Facebook easier to use and I have used it since 7th grade. But I do not think I will become a Twitter fan any time soon; it’s just a bunch of useless spam.

Ashley Brown


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