Communications and the Twitter Craze

Twitter can be a super easy approach to reach out using social media to build a little network between businesses and their clients.  The really great thing about communications is that there are countless options to turn to so it’s great for people like me that are always changing their minds. Since there are many different areas it allows you to spread your wings so you can figure out talents in many areas. Say you want to be in media relations, Twitter could be used to develop strong relationships with the media to gain great exposure for the client. Digital media could use it by interacting through videos and digital advertising. Social media would engage knowledge for a brand just by one simple tweet.

Even though I may find Twitter very obnoxious it can be a great way for companies to reach out. Celebrities get great publicity by tweeting back to fans or give great publicity to other things that they retweet. I am currently in a “celeb tweeting war” with my mother, author, Laura Marie Altom to see who can get the most famous person to tweet back! so far she is winning with the Hairsylist on Y&R 😦 . She comments “I felt the same way you did until realizing I could get instantaneous thoughts from my fave Young and the Restless stars’ heads. (Mind you I started, because my publishing house strongly suggested it!!) So one day the lead hairdresser bragged about lunching at the home of one of my fave stars. I tweeted he was lucky. Seconds later, he answered back–“Yup”. Every since, I’ve been obsessed!!!” I am sure the whole cast from the Young and the Restless, Aziz Ansari, and Bravo Andy are tired of us trying to get them to tweet back.

More coming later :)!!!!

❤  Hannah

UPDATE: I am losing majorly…. one of the NYC Housewives just started following my mom.


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