Twitter for Me and Mathematics

            Personally, I do not think that twitter has or should have a very bright future in the field of mathematics. There is not enough characters to convey anything particularly educational or otherwise intelligent. Besides that, math is numbers, and how many numbers do you see on twitter? There aren’t very many. It seems to me that twitter serves two main purposes (with other minor purposes): getting across either some random thing they’re doing or thinking, or making reference to something they may like (such as a website, video, etc.). Neither of these two reasons have much benefit to someone looking for intellectual stimulus. At least, it doesn’t for someone with a life. Intelligent people would spend their time expounding on their knowledge through studies, rather than constantly following someone else’s studies. That is not to say that twitter is completely useless in this respect. A person wanting to find a reference to something different within the field of mathematics may be able to do so via someone else’s twitter references. Then again, if everyone is looking for someone else’s, then no one would be making any references. It has to start with actual research. Plus, a tweet alone is not enough to do the field of mathematics justice. Therefore, I think that people should spend more time focusing on making something of themselves, and beyond that: working with others to make something beyond themselves. After this, they can do whatever they want.

            In association with these thoughts, I think that twitter is mostly about ‘Me’. Personally, I don’t think I’m that interesting, compared with everyone around the world that is using twitter and other systems of social networking. Until I actually have something to contribute, I’ll spare the world of my daily routine. At least on places like Facebook, you can follow friends and others that are close to you, rather than a hundred people you really don’t even know. I know all of this probably sounds pretty skeptical, and even insulting of the practice, but I’m still not big into this. Only this year have I made an e-mail, Facebook, blog, and twitter for myself. Maybe I’m hesitant because I’m not used to it all yet, or maybe since I haven’t yet been dragged into the obsession, I am still aware of its true nature.

~Rhechel Wilborn


One thought on “Twitter for Me and Mathematics

  1. You make some valid points here about doing real work instead of wasting time on social media. However, like anything else in life, Twitter and social media are what you make them — literally. I don’t think anyone would confuse activities on Twitter with real research, but it does form a way to expose the research process and let others in for helpful feedback. In other words, it can be a small piece of the puzzle, but a helpful one.

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