Twitter in Finance

Twitter is useful in my major as another way to communicate big economic changes that are happening all the time. If you are not near a television or computer a tweet can be very useful in getting essential information. If major moves are being made in the stock market and you are following people that are constantly updated with the latest information you might save a lot of money. I can see how following the right people that are very successful in the financial field may be very advantageous to yourself and others. I can see an issue with it that scares me though, It like any other media doesn’t have everyone using it and the information that is tweeted may not be accurate. That it can be used to manipulate people is worrisome. Those problems can be expanded to most all of electronic media though so it isn’t as much of an issue. As more and more people get involved with twitter it has potential to further increase  the spread and speed of ideas disseminated throughout the digital world.


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