pos/neg of wiki :Natalie

My wiki project over all was a good one. I found it interesting that there is so much work that goes into creating a wiki. The positive thing about this project for me, was collecting the data and organizing the layout. It was beneficial to me because I gained more of a deeper insight over the material we covered. For instance I went from not knowing who John Berryman was to knowing his whole life story from birth to death. Another positive aspect of this assignment was that it helped you to adapt to different programs. Although some of the system I found to be a challenge over all I now know how to navigate the wiki and how to solve situation that arise, like editing.

The one negative I had was trying to edit the page. Over all it’s a very detailed process, as in there are so many different codes for a large range of features, like uploading, editing the size or changing the color. I found it useful that there are so many different features and options, but to me (a first timer) it isn’t users friendly. I’m so use to using systems that are easy to operate and editing is common sense, unlike the wiki where you would have to look up a code or read a few pages on how to do a simple task like loading a photo from your computer to your page and having your text wrap around it. Editing was the only thing I found to be very annoying and not fun, it made me want to be less creative because of the time it took to figure out how to edit one thing. Over all this was a fun project and i gained a better understanding of how to operate a wiki.

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