Wiki Project

It was defiantly enjoyable to experience a different style project. A large amount of the learning process is so structured and repetitive, creating an environment where sometimes you wonder what you truly learned! The wiki site I found to be a little bothersome when attempting to generate a format that was anything other than simply loading files or simple headings and text. The multiple pages I reviewed to learn how to reformat/resize pictures was not as useful as they could have been and was formatted using wiki text already, as opposed to explaining how to put an item into wiki text.

I felt the class as well as my individual group did an excellent job of contributing to the project to develop a comprehensive site.  When working in groups there are always challenges to overcome.  For this project it tended to be matching up schedules to find a time and location when everyone could get together. Time provided during class defiantly assisted in mitigating this issue.  The group divided the subject into logical areas and each member contributed.  Overall I would rate this experience as positive. I shy away from giving a good or excellent rating for the simple reason that is was still academic work and I refuse to find school work fun or even pleasing.


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