Input on Wiki

Well i thought that this “creating a wiki” project was very interesting. It was fun to create something like a website. There were many different kinds of ways to create things on a wiki and if i ever wish to modify one then i would be able to do so. I liked how well people had to make sure to get together and make sure that everything as a whole meshed well together. Everything had to be as one page and at points we had to criticize one another to make sure that things went well with the page or the project. I believe that the whole process went well. Learning about a poet was a good way because there were so many ways to interpret a poet and their writings. It was very frustrating to have so little time in creating this project along with classes and personal activities. Also I personally did not know what exactly what we were doing in this project. Since there were so may different texts it was very hard to type everything on the page correctly. If one thing as wrong then it probably would not show up very well or the way it was planned. Overall it was a fun and entertaining way to figure out how to work the internet.


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