The Art of WIKI

Almost everyone in this day and age has read a wiki. However, not everyone has had the opportunity to contribute to a wiki. For the past week and a half I have been introduced to the difficult and at times frustrating world of wikis. Writing a wiki is unlike any other type of writing I have experienced. Writing in a wiki is an unconventional type of writing that sometimes seems to just combine other peoples works in a central location instead of beeing a creative research paper. Wikis challenge you to combine as many sources as possible into your writing to the point where the voice of the paper is non existent.

In addition, wikis can be frustrating on a technical level as well. When adding pictures, and formatting text wikis are far from simple. The “wiki language” was built to be simple but obvious problems exist. For example, you almost need to be skilled in HTML or structured programing languages just to get pictures to show up in the proper spot on the page. Videos also can be easy to add but next to impossible to format. The whole process can be pretty frustrating. However, we did use a somewhat simple wiki so maybe it would have been easier on Wikipedia.

Although the wiki project could be frustrating at times I did learn a lot about wikis. I now understand why almost all of my teachers wont allow me to use wiki as a formal source. Knowing that anyone can edit or add content to a wiki opened my eyes to just how unreliable wikis can be. I will say I do like the idea that wikis are ” the democratic view” of a topic.

-Ben Munos


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