Wiki Project

For me, the wiki project was interesting and occasionally challenging, but fun for the most part. I particularly enjoyed working on the poem analysis. As an IB student, who has taken the HL English courses, I have been taught to consider many aspects of poem analysis. For example, the literary features, the author’s life and point of view, the literal and figurative meaning of the text, etc. Therefore, it was neither too difficult nor too tedious to find a mere few things to consider in the analysis. In fact, with more time, there would probably be various other aspects that could also be considered. However, I am content with my consideration of some of the most significant features in the analysis. Furthermore, I think that each person in our group greatly contributed to the overall analysis, bringing their own perspectives and studies to benefit the project (i.e. psychology, research, etc.).

I have worked on wikis before, in high school, so I was not completely new to the concept. However, this wiki actually required the code (i.e. == ==, ”’ ”’, etc.), whereas the ones I’ve done in the past did it automatically. I did not have much trouble getting all of my information put up, because I did my typing separately, on Microsoft Word, and then pasted onto the wiki. After pasting my information, I only had to emphasize the headings, and the computer did the rest. Therefore, technologically there were few difficulties with the project. Then again, my part of the project was completely my own work- personal analysis of the three poems. Meanwhile, I’m sure others had a much more difficult time putting up links, etc.

Another factor in completing this project was the collaboration between group members. This also posed very few problems, once we knew what each person was going to do. Granted, it can always be difficult to have perfect collaboration, especially when trying to find extra times to meet, but the assigning of tasks made it easy to do individual work, with a minor necessity for interaction. Each person did well in performing the research and analysis they were assigned, so there were very few problems in this respect.

The largest factor in completing this project efficiently was time. We all had to push to get everything done in time- trying to complete large amounts of research and written work prior to meeting with our groups. However, I think that thanks to the efforts of everyone in our group, we quickly and sufficiently completed our part of the wiki page.

~Rhechel Wilborn


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