Wiki Project

I learned a lot of new and empowering ways to share my knowledge through this wiki project. The process was much easier than I thought it would be at first. Adding and editing information that easily on to the internet is a very good tool to have for the future. While working on this project it became obvious that wiki and sites equivalent to Wikipedia are the new avenues for information and education to be dispersed.

The way that the group I was in divided up separate parts and focus on different points was effective in generating a lot of ideas and getting them on the wiki. Finding the information and putting it on the site was not hard for our group. The hardest part was on how to organize and format the pages so it would make the most sense and flow properly for a visitor to the site.

One of the more frustrating aspects of that was the titles of each section. They had to be different enough from the other titles yet descriptive enough to in a few words tell what the following information is about. Another frustrating part of this project was on how to tell if you put enough information in each section while making it readable. Also making the design of the page creative enough to make a smooth transition from section to section. Without having the tools to change much we left to pretty straightforward and to the point.


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