Wiki Project

Working on the wiki project was a new, but remotely simple experience for me. I enjoyed gathering information about John Berryman’s life and work as it was both influenced by and influential to the work of his contemporaries. Writing for the page was not difficult, the only problems lie in the somewhat tedious process of formatting. While I found the information interesting, I was frustrated at times while trying to master the tricks of formatting the page aesthetically to my liking.

These problems however did not take away much from the overall experience of the project, equaling minor distractions at worst. The project showcased to me the prowess that information outlets such as wikipedia and other wiki’s possess to be important and convenient means of learning for the man of the information age. The ability for anyone knowledgeable enough on a subject to contribute his or her two cents paves way for a digital society that brings people closer together in a better understanding of the universe around them.


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