Wiki Project

At first I found it aggravating using the wiki software, the restraints of the network, and the technical issues it possessed. I do not have a lot of computer experience therefore I found the project frustrating and stressful. Despite the negative thoughts towards the project I do think with more practice this way of presenting research could be very beneficial in the future and would also benefit my major, Anthropology. I write a lot in my major and this would be a good way to share information with others and get feed back from them as well. I also liked this project because I could work on the project regardless of if my partners and I are together or not. Moreover I thought it was interesting to see how wikis are created and what work goes into creating them. I have a new found respect for those who create wikis. I look forward to doing a project like this again and getting better aquatinted with its’ technical aspects.

Ashley Brown


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