The wiki project was, for me, informing and educational. I’ve never created a full scale wiki like that, although I have taken programming classes and such before. I enjoyed learning about John Berryman, his life, his poetry, and his alcoholism. What I’ve concluded is that, even though Berryman has a way with words, he is still a crazy nut job that needs to take more time away from the bottle.

On the project, I was in the Digital group. We collected videos and pictures of Berryman and his poetry. Creating our page was fairly straight forward, but our group did have trouble organizing the photos and programming them so that they had borders and captions.

I feel that Wiki’s are a bit more complicated and more work then they are worth. I know there are easier ways to create a website, and the wiki’s programming and the Tulsa networks “red tape” made it more complicated then it needed to be.

Overall I learned a lot. I now know how to create and for the most part manage a Wiki page/project. I had never read or even heard of John Berryman before this project, so I learned a lot about him and his crazy ways. It was a fun, educating project.

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