Wikki Project

In working on the wiki project, I learned that I really wasn’t as bad at computers as I thought. I understood some of the code, although some of it just looked like the different language that it is. Even though it was the server’s fault and not ours, it was still frustrating not to be able to arrange the pictures and text like we wanted. This is partly what has always irritated me about computers; you can’t always get them to do exactly what you want and match the vision in your head.

That being said, it was easy to find and upload the pictures and videos. Making the headers and table of contents was easy as well. Because he is such a unique character, listening to his readings and analyzing his tone and delivery was interesting and fun. It was also neat seeing how a couple of symbols could change the whole text.

Overall, I found it interesting and potentially useful. I could see myself one day having a wikki on Speech Pathology or Deaf Educaiton or something relating to my work field.


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