Working With Wiki

I enjoyed working on the wiki project, especially regarding such a thought-provoking subject.  I have never encountered any of John Berryman’s work before.  Researching was not tedious by any means.  I was in the Related Media group, and overall, everyone did a great job contributing to the project.  Gathering presentable material was straightforward.  We did hit a few speed bumps when attempting to structure the page in a more aesthetic layout.  I’m pointing fingers at the erroneous server.

Believe me, I’m no wiki wiz. I had never been exposed to wikitext prior to working on this project.  But to me, the coding that was provided on the handout made the experience almost effortless.  If I needed an additional wiki code to format captions and frames (provided that the server was running properly), I could simply search for the code through the Wikipedia site.  I can understand how it would be challenging to manage for some, but by no means is it impossible.  It would be a nice to have more automatic, one-button accessible features for the lazy wiki writer, but in general, the software is easy to work with.

Overall, I listened to Berryman’s melodramatic readings more than I would have liked to, but this wiki project proved to be a fun and educational experience.


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