Art Annotation

OIl Rigs

My picture is of oil rigs lining the Californian coast. Being a student of Petroleum Engineering, this picture is intriguing because it shows what the industry looked like at the beginning. The oil business has come a really long way since the first discovery of oil and how it could be used to fuel nations.

I’m not the greatest art critic or deepest thinker in the world, but when I look at that photo I see a couple of things. I see the power of the industrial age, how man has grown and learned how to harness natures powers to enrich and better our lives. I see a sort of asymmetry, in a way, between nature and man. You have this gorgeous California coast, and its sprinkled with oil rigs spewing gasses and fumes all over. But most of all, I’m proud, this picture encourages me and reassures me that I am in the right field and the right place.

I have yet to be on a rig like this, but someday I would really like to be on the top of a rig on the coast and take a look out over the ocean.


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