Christina’s World


Being an art lover I decided to choose Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth in 1948. Looking at this painting really moves me. The colors and landscapes spoke out to the sadness of what Christina was going through and how polio had effected many people in those times.

Andrew Wyeth painted this in 1948. His father had been killed three years earlier so lots of people had noticed a huge change in Andrew’s work after the loss. His palette became muted, his landscapes barren and his figures seemed plain. Christina’s World emphasizes  these traits, and really shows the impression that is expressed over his grief. Anna Christina Olson had polio which took away her ability to walk by the late 1920s. She avoided using her wheelchair,  so she crawled around the house and land. Wyeth, who had summered in Maine met Olson and her brother Alvaro, in 1939. The three were introduced by Wyeth’s future wife, Betsy James.


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