Computer Science.

DH project picture

For this project, I tried to think of a creative way to make a picture that pertained to Computer Science. So I went to the library and organized a bunch of books and threw in my USB and Calculator for a few examples of technology in the modern era today. I was worried some of the text on the books wouldn’t show up due to my inexpensive camera but all in all I think it looks pretty good for an amateur.

My major is Computer Science and I think these kinds of sites like visualthread and flickr are exciting to look at. Without the breakthrough of all our different programming languages and the personal computer so many of these things wouldn’t be possible.

To answer the ? ( ? of how annotating this would help my field of study), I do not think that using the annotation would be helpful in learning Computer Science but I do think that it is a good visual example to students. These examples show how this study affects the things we can do on the web or even with our personal computers at home.


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