Financial Propaganda

DH-flickr photo

This photo represents how yellow journalism of the 1900’s  exploited the financial panic that the business sector was in at the time. This is a good example of how the newspapers and magazines competed for the largest market share of customers. This illustration may or may not accurately depict the average person’s view of the situation but was trying to show what the magazine company wanted the reader to think of the current situation.

How this picture pertains to the major of finance is by cause and effect. People who buy this magazine or read it suddenly may distrust the financial system and this causes them to make irrational decisions concerning business opportunities or personal finance. These kind of issues show how a financial manager or anyone in business must understand and expect the general public to be affected in certain ways by the media.

Annotating illustrations or videos in the media are great avenues for the more general public who do not pay attention to the economy to get informed. This would be helpful if financial professors and people in the business world could make notations and explain what is accurate and what isn’t on the videos and illustrations.


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