Flickr Annotation Post

Concerned Mother

I chose this picture because it is significant to me.  I have seen it many times before, because it is one of the symbolizing images of the Great Depression time period.  I am drawn to the picture because of its raw emotion and its realness. When looking at the image, I almost feel the pain and sadness of the Mother and her two children.  Also, when you know the background story of the image, it makes it even more significant.  The woman in the picture is only 32 years old, and is a mother of 7 children.  This alone would be a feat that few could handle, but on top of that, she is a migrant pea picker in California.  She has 7 children, and she is doing whatever she has to in order for the family to survive.

My annotations focus on two things.  I focus on the emotions and expressions of the image, and I focus on the facts and background information regarding the photograph.  I chose this because when the two are combined, it truly tells the story of the image.  And this image has a story that I believe should be shared with everyone.


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