My Art Annotation

Church of Saint Nicholas Mokry, Varoslavl, Russia

I was not able to find any images specifically pertaining to my field of study. However, that is primarily because I deal with theory math, which is mostly just numbers and equations. Going beyond theory math, there is applied math, which has a very wide range of applications, including the building of architecture. This image was most significant to me, because I studied the Russian language and culture in high school, and I have a great fascination for Russian church architecture. Still, the building, or structure, can be related to my field, because it is one area of mathematics. This image is of a Russian cathedral with several features common to this type of architecture, especially the onion domes topped with crosses. This feature is seen in numerous Russian cathedrals, and the church is therefore a good representation of Russian religious architecture. It is important to recognize here that although Russian cathedrals are very beautiful pieces of art, much of this type of art relies heavily on complicated math involved in its construction.

In general, art annotation is useful to a certain degree and in particular ways for the mathematics major. Images, specifically, are of little use in theory math, because it is all about numbers and equations. On the other hand, applied math could very well benefit from being able to look at annotated images, particularly charts and other diagrams. Therefore, there are many fields and areas of my field that would probably greatly benefit from the process of art/image annotation, but my particular field might not benefit as much as others would.


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