Step Into Art

Flying Orchids

This Photo is very significant to me because I like nature and it seems visually pleasing. It shows many variations of art all in one. It is not just a random picture it actually shows something and to me it gives inspiration. Knowing that this photo has been photoshopped is stunning. When somebody can make that kind of work it makes me feel that anything in life is possible with just enough practice.

Annotating it helped me in my field because, well, my field is an art field. Since i am a graphic design major, things like annotations really help. If an artist wants to get their work out there then they could do it by a couple clicks of a button. Also people can criticize the photo like ways to make it better or people can show the different ways to interpret the photo. People look at things differently and annotating a photo can create a different mind set with each way of looking at it. Annotating can also be used as a type of test. For example, if a company wants to get something out there or a person wants to try a new form of art then they would download it on the web and let people see and criticize it.  So the person performing the test would know if it was bad or not or other way to improve it. The annotating helped me by showing me different ways to criticize art and also knowing that i could help somebody else or showing them to people that it might be able to push my career as an artist to a new level of looking at things in a new perspective. It also shows me that some people would be able to do the same with my artwork.


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