The Beginning of Oil


It wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century when oil started to gain in popularity and utilized in various forms Though oil has been around for thousands of years it wasn’t understood what exactly it was or where it came from. I find this image of interest because it depicts much of the culture that surrounded the infant oil industry. Much like the California gold rush in the 1850’s, oil was viewed a sure way to get rich quick. Complete disregard was common practice for any obstacle that impeded on oil production.

The negative perception of the oil industry can be closely connected back to these early practices. Today, oil companies are viewed with skepticism and and distrust. As an industry we make significant efforts to improving this image. However, one mishap tends to negate any progress and thrust the industry back to square one. The high profile generated from these incidents tends to lead to oil production and exploration always needing to  be defended.


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