The Brewing Cowboy

Ben Munos Awesome Cowboy

I chose this picture because I am a brewer and I love beer history. The cowboy makes me think of the old west and how long beer has been around. In fact,  the Beer in his hand is still being made today in Pennsylvania. I also chose this picture because I enjoy realistic looking art. I have never been one for abstract paintings so the realism of this picture appeals to me. In addition, the paining drew me strait to the cowboys eyes. His eyes are saying so much in the picture. You sense sadness, exhaustion, and optimism all in one glance.

I think annotating pictures is an interesting way to study art. Im not sure if someone like me annotating a picture really does anyone any good, but I can see how digital annotation could be helpful. For people who study or create art annotation is a great way to express meaning or feelings in art. I am concerned with the potential pitfalls of art annotation however. At some point do we not have to limit who can annotate paintings? How do we know when someone critiques the art that they even know what they are talking about? You could literally have self proclaimed art experts. Can you imagine having a Prez Hilton of the art world!?

Also I do think photo annotation could be helpful for Management of information or systems. MIS or tech majors in general love diagrams and planning images. I could see how being able to tag notes to specific parts of a systems diagram or flowchart could be useful. It would allow everyone to put ideas or critiques into the diagram.


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