The Other U2

To me, this picture is another culture’s heavy metal, indie, or pop music. In this light, it starkly contrasts how Americans perceive the bands on our top 20 hit list. Their bright matching outfits and nature-centered setting would be scoffed at if this band appeared on an American stage in place of a popular band such as U2. However, in view of their organic appearance, it is ironic that the possess the newer technologies of sound equipment such as microphones; they are not advanced enough to have electrical cables running through their instruments like in the popular bands seen today on American stages. This accredits them for having the bare minimum amplify their sounds. I wish I know more about their culture and sound than just what the picture is telling me so I could understand better what is happening in this picture.

In my field of study, speech pathology and deaf education, the knowledge of how to annotate images could potentially help me. If one of my client is having a speaking problem whether it be because of their throat, tongue, mouth, teeth, or brain, I could use the annotation technique to label what parts have gone wrong, how they are wrong, and how to potentially fix it. I could use it after an evaluation when explaining to the parents or client what the aim of our sessions will include. Most people are very visual, and having the ability to see every thing that’s wrong, and even potentially take it home and to study, could increase recovery and progress. In the area of deaf education, it could speed up time spent discussing a piece with deaf children by not having to point to a part of the picture and then take the time signing to them every little detail. Overall, this seems like a great tool for my field, and one that I will use for my own profession.


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