There Will Be Blood

While technically still undecided, my goal for the next year is to join the energy management program. This powerful image from the Paul Thomas Anderson film There Will Be Blood is intriguing to me for a number of reasons. First, the eye is drawn immediately to the flaming oil gusher, which gives rise to the moral questions (specifically environmental questions) of oil production, among other things. Then you have the safety issues of the laborers involved. The boss remains separated, observing from afar as his laborers struggle to extinguish the flame consuming his means of wealth. It represents criticism of the perception of the greedy, capitalist mindset of the oil industry in it’s early stages.

Fortunately, issues of these matters have been largely minimized in the latter half of the oil production timeline. New environmental policies are enacted by every major oil and gas corporation, as are safety policies to counteract these issues.


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