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My first picture I love, because it sums of the “after math” of some of society views. I probably read into this picture too much and probably skewed the meaning to fit my views. But to me this picture is about how people are always thinking of now and not  putting into consideration the future. It’s become a norm to consume a lot and pay later. Many people go into dept because they didn’t realize the impact of “buy now” and think its okay to set up a loan, which in turn can lead to many more loans. The “after math” could  lead some into a level of poverty(a wooden figure on the street) or bankruptcy. This picture and the meaning it’s trying to get across really has an impact on my major(marketing or economics). The economics aspect is over how there is always a need/want and how supply is determined by demand. Because people will always consume there will always be a need and from that in order to have a successful business you need to greatly understand these principles and try to pin-point why these things are popular and how to advertize these things in order to make a greater profit, which is marketing.

College life

My second picture is me just having fun with this assignment. I picked a picture that caught my eye, that was not only visually attractive but it also depicted the mood I was in. This week was my multiple tests and projects week and this picture being very bright and almost overwhelming seem to fit what my brain was experiencing. That’s why I decided to edit this picture for people to be able to see what I was thinking when I looked at this picture. I think this was a good picture because a lot of college students are having these factors going through their heads at some point.

This sort of relates to my field of study (marketing, economic or finance) because it illustrates the impact that society can have on you. You’ll always have many things going on in life and sometimes it will be very stressful. In order to be successful though you’ll have to find ways to balance everything and make it all flow smoothly.

Over all I liked this project because I was able to look at a picture and have it relate to me personally. Also find that flicr would be a great teaching tool, because your able to take in others view about a picture that might have never crossed your mine.

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