Multimedia in marketing

Multimedia is currently being used in the marketing field in a number of ways. For example a company to become known they’ll need to advertise and one easy ways to do that is by using the web, where a larger range of people are able to hear/read/see about the company and its products. Not only does it help in advertising but also internally. For example file sharing allows many employees to see a project in a matter of seconds and they are able to edit it then and there, which makes everything more productive. I also see a number of well known business using sites like facebook or playing commercial on peoples phones to get their products out there.

Multimedia has made marketing more efficient because they are able to do tasks that use to take months and now finish them in minutes. For example surveying a large group of people use to take forever because they would have to go out on their own, find these people and ask them question. Now they are able to put them online, which makes it easier to survey a even larger number of people and over all is a cheaper more effective manner. Also they are able to gain more knowledge about the different types of people that use their products and what other products would be good for that market.


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