Multimedia in Computer Science

I think multimedia is used in computer science in a numerous of ways. I think the way we use it for most is advertisement. There is different types of technology coming out every single day. They have to make the new one sound cooler than the old or people wouldn’t buy it. The latest example being the iPad2. If you look around Wal-Mart, Bestbuy, commercials on TV there is advertisement everywhere. The advertisement I seen at Wal-Mart for the iPad2 had bright colors and few words, so it would be appealing to the eye.

The second most noticeable way we use multimedia in Computer Science is in the code itself. With java you can import different functions into your program(EX) import java.util.Scanner;) This phrase allows you to bring in the Scanner method from java instead of having to recreate that method in your program. These types of imports are collaborative works that took much time and are the reason why java has had such a breakthrough with technology. Java has made coding so much easier, which in result makes creating technology alot less complicated. As the years go by, technology is getting more user friendly and way more accessible to the public.

I think we could improve in the mulitmedia in Computer Science by just doing it more. Besides advertisement you don’t really here much about our advancement or how the product is really made or explained. It amazes me how many people can operate a computer just fine, download things, search the internet, etc.. and they don’t even know the basic components of the computer like CPU(Central Processing Unit) for instance. I think we should educate the public more on these things since computers have become such a big part of our way of life.


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