Multimedia in Energy Managment

I believe the use of multimedia in the energy management field could be a very beneficial tool to assist us in completing our job duties effectively. One of my primary duties as a future landman will be to negotiate with land and mineral rights owners to grant drilling rigs to be placed on their property to allow mineral resources to be produced. For many of them, this will be the first direct interaction with the oil and natural gas industry. I envision the use of multimedia as a tool to further explain to land owner’s the future processes that will take place. Photographic or 3-D images can be utilized to allow realistic expectations to be established with the owners of the property. The land owner could have a comprehensive understanding of the location of new roads that would be necessary to build in order to access the drill sight as well as the size and scope of the platform that would become the location of the rig itself. Additionally, interactive images could explore the sub terrain of the property to enhance knowledge of details involved in the drilling process. Bye developing plain details of the overall depth, direction, and the formations that would be affected during the drilling procedure we can provide security to the occupants that the water supply and other concerns would not be tampered.

Many other aspects of multimedia are already being utilized in the industry and I believe these tools will only continue to increase. The energy industry pushes mankind to the most remote, desolate, and uninhabited regions of the globe. Teleconferencing, satellite communication, and the internet allows continuous interactions exist and prosper. Detailed collaborative adventures are the norm in certain areas of the industry and would not be possible without the ever growing flexibility demonstrated by the expanding multimedia platforms.

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