Multimedia in Marketing

Multimedia is everywhere in the field of Marketing. When it comes to advertising, nothing is more popular than today’s multimedia outlets.  Marketing in years passed consisted largely of newspaper and magazine ads, which made it inconvenient to reach the masses.  This progressed to radio and television ads, which made advertisements more widely viewed and definitely more effective.  Now, there is a new era of multimedia in marketing.

Some of the more popular media outlets are Facebook and Twitter.  On Facebook, companies can create a fan page for themselves, or more specifically, a fan page for an individual product.  Once this is created, the consumer can “like” the product, which basically translates into free advertisement for their product.  Once a person “likes” aka “becomes a fan of the product” they can keep up to date on new releases, special deals, and other news about the product or company.  On twitter, the consumer can “follow” a company, where they get tweets about the company, whether it’s news, new releases, special sales, or free coupons.

When it comes to what the field of Marketing can do to improve when it comes to multimedia, I do not see many examples. Marketing, as opposed to other fields, must stay at the top of the game when it comes to multimedia advancements. If they do not, they will become a non-factor in their field.  The only way it could possibly be used to better effect is if companies who are not currently on Facebook and/or Twitter wake up, join the 21st century, and make the generational leap to multimedia advertising.


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