Multimedia in Mathematics

It is difficult for me to say exactly in what ways multimedia is used in mathematics. This is because I am still a freshman looking into the field. However, by now I can say that it is used to a greater or lesser extent, depending on one’s focused area within the field. For example, I have already been required to look up articles on the internet to learn more about particular topics. As such, certain information can be quite useful when trying to consider a subject of interest or concern. Still, other students in applied math may be currently using multimedia more than myself. For those in the field of applied mathematics, multimedia could be very useful for informative or advertising purposes. This includes advertising new foods, pieces of technology, and other beneficial products, which are associated with the mathematical field.

Theory math, on the other hand, may require another type of multimedia. Some beneficial types that are frequently used in businesses and other corporations are the use of charts, diagrams, written proposals, etc. for the purpose of proposing ideas to the business. Also, if the proposal is accepted and put into effect, the finished product often requires advertisement. Furthermore, if the product is of a seemingly great enough significance, then newspapers or reporters may want to do a piece on the subject, all of which goes back to the designer. Therefore, it can be gathered that multimedia serves a very important role in theory, as well as applied mathematics.


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