Multimedia in Speech Pathology

When reading about multimedia, my mind kept jumping to different ways in which it would help my profession. In studying speech pathology, I think it would be extremely helpful to have a site dedicated to communication disorders. Having sound bytes that rated “severe,” “moderate,” and “mild” in articulation, phoneme, and morpheme problems could really help a developing speech pathologist to better identify, diagnose, and treat a client. The site could include instructional videos, definitions, labeled pictures, sound clips, forums, treatments, symptoms, etc under each disorder, acting like an interactive encyclopedia for all communication disorders that would be easily accessible and searchable. Like any professions that requires a diagnosis, having a tool that would allow for this kind of fast and comprehensive search would be a great asset. It could also act as a tool for the parents of clients or the clients themselves to understand more about what their diagnosis entails and what all treatment could include. I believe with all of these things, clients could be diagnosed more accurately and quicker. The site could host news about the latest conferences, new technologies, or new tests.  Perhaps the site could also include a search engine that would allow clients to look up speech pathologists in their area, and have a ranking system that would let them know which ones are the most recommended. Of course, this is just as a start; as I learn more about my field I’m sure I will discover a million more ways in which multimedia will help the future of speech pathology.


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