Multimedia in Business

Multimedia has many uses throughout the world of business. I think it is used the most in the fields of marketing and advertising. Companies all over the world now use multimedia in an effort to reach new customers. I think it would be pretty difficult to find a corporation on the Forbes 500 that does not use social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook for advertizing purposes. Years ago while standing in the center of Times Square in New York City hundreds of billboards were present with advertizements of products printed on them, now walking through Times Square there are literally thousands of ads flashing and flying by on electronic billboards with sounds, video, and every other type of media imaginable in order for more people to pay attention to the ads. Business presentations are also a setting for multimedia to take place. In this day and age it is difficult to get people excited about many things. During business presentations the presenter will have to really get the viewer’s attention in order to make what they are promoting the least bit interesting. In many cases the use of multimedia is extremely necessary in such a situation. Multimedia is booming throughout the world and it is only going to become larger.

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