About Archives

They both open my eyes to something new. I personally never really new or even thought about archives. Many of the archives seems the same but had different meanings.


They shape everything by showing it in a different way then what a person would see in person. The archives put a spin on they way people see things so it gets them to think about certain things differently. The more experimental the more people would be interested in what the archive is about. Although, sometimes a person can get lost in what they are saying or trying to represent.


It seemed very informal. It helps somebody about what they need or if they have a certain subject to talk about. Being able to look them up online without having to bother the book or item is a good thing but its difficult to sometimes find something you want. There are differences with what people label other things. Another thing is the archive may get the information wrong but the knowledge i get from these archives is straight to the point and well thought out.


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