Blog post (2 paragraphs) on the poetics of the archive as applied to one scholarly and one experimental archive of your choosing from the list above. In what ways do each of these archives shape your inquiries and the knowledge you receive from them? Even though the purpose of each archive is different, do they share any similarities in terms of how they position you as the user?


In the Rossetti archive, it places you in the time set. The font, background designs, and layout give you a sense of how Dante Rossetti lived. They focus the purpose of the archive on the paintings that Rossetti created, giving information and facts about each available. Like the experimental archive, the Rossetti archive puts you in control of the information you attain. You have to look for what you want to see and dive deeper into the archive in doing so.


In the Vectors Journal archive, you are forced to explore within the project itself and learn the argument of the Journal. You have to use knowledge of argument, research, and citation to learn about the project and what’s inside the archive. Like the Scholarly archive, the Vectors archive presents its information and argument in an entertaining and inviting style.


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