Scholarly: Jane Austen’s MSS Archive

Experimental: The Ecclesiastical Proust Archive

The Archives had a few differences.  For starters of course, both Archives were about different topics.  The two archives also had a different approach of sharing the information.  The Jane Austin Archive allows the reader to view her writing in a basic, written form, which is really neat.  The Ecclesiastical Proust Archive is an archive that allows the reader to stay up to date with updated material, and opportunities for discussion.  A difference that is very common to the difference I previously stated, is the imagery used by the two archives.  The Jane Austen archive uses images of her personal works of writing while the Ecclesiastical Proust archive uses religious pictures, such as imagery of a church.

The archives also had similarities to go with these differences.  For starters, they are both archives and are both good sources of information for anyone wanting to learn more about their own respective interest.  Both archives are incredibly informative and practical.  They also are easily navigable, due to their good organization and structure.  This definitely helps to shape my way of getting information, because I am able to almost feel as if I am a part of the archives, because I am actively learning.  This is definitely a different feeling than I get when I am learning from a book or an article.




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